Suzanne Brault, Artist, Art Teacher

I am an artist and an art teacher in Sykesville, MD. I have been teaching art to kids and adults for 30+ years, starting my teaching career as a home schooling parent offering programs to various home school groups, and then branching out to work for the Carroll County Arts Council, the Carroll County Recreation and Parks, Carroll Lutheran Village, Carroll Community College Continuing Education and Summer Kids.

I received a B.A. in Fine Arts at Brandeis University, where I had the tremendous good fortune to study with Paul Georges, a world class artist. He gave his students the knowledge of the formal considerations that go into making a masterful drawing or painting. He would back up his teachings by pointing to the works of great artists. In my teaching, in a similar way, I often open up an art book, an art book from ancient art history to the present day, to bring my students’ attention to some brilliant work, to be able to show them how this truly valuable knowledge works.

My philosophy of teaching has been informed by my years of experience teaching people of all ages. I have relished watching very young children make things; their joy and creativity is infectious and inspiring. They are enthralled about the world around them and excited to respond to it. That’s the way to be an artist!

As children reach their preteen years, they usually wish to draw more realistically. Some become disappointed in their efforts and may even decide that they can’t do art. For one thing, I believe that if a person wishes to, they can learn, by guidance and practice, to draw realistically. But also, being able to draw accurately is not essential to making beautiful and powerful art. People can express themselves with line and color, with shape and form, in ever so many various ways that do not rely on accurate depictions.

I work towards giving each one of my students the confidence that they can learn what they need, to be able to make the sort of artwork they wish  to make. Then they can have the joyful can-do attitude of the very young, and the enjoyment of being able to express themselves through artwork.

The Art Studio, Sykesville, Md (Near Eldersburg)
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