Around the World Summer Art Camp – Westminster, Md Summer Kids at Carroll

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Carroll Community College Art Camp, Westminster, MD ages 6-8

summer art class, camp westminster clay creations carroll community collegeAugust 14 – August 18 – 1:15 – 4:15 pm, for ages 6 – 8, at Summer Kids at Carroll “Around the World”
Carroll Community College – 1601 Washington Road, Westminster – through Register or view catalog through community college Page 7 of catalog, Course code#: KID-359-A13

Around the World
Explore countries around the world through art. Create crafts inspired by the real artisans in Asia. Imagine fantastic animals then create them out of clay just like folk artists in Mexico. Every region has something to teach. Learn it through art and have a blast touring the world with your art! Fee: $150 Instructor Suzanne Brault –

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Summer Art Camp – Eldersburg, Md for children

August 1 – August, 5 2016 – 10 – 12:30
summer art camp eldersburg mdThis art camp is for all ages of kids, from 6 year to teenagers. The kids will be glazing pre-made ceramic tiles and mugs. ( I hope to be able to have those fired before the end of the week.) They’ll be making paper architecture models of towers of their own design. They’ll also be constructing books using their choice of ink, paint, colored pencils, and collage, and adding in various tricky techniques like pop-ups and doorways (the page below shows through the doorway). There will be other projects involving drawing and painting added in to these ones; I like to get to know the group of kids I have and then add in or adapt my projects to best suit those kids.
View other photos from summer camps held July 2016 in my art studio in Eldersburg, MD
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Summer Camp July 2016

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This art camp just finished with 7 children total. Below are the art projects we did at the summer camp in my art studio in Eldersburg, Md. Projects include painted roosters and ducks we painted outside, clay creations and wire sculptures.

Here is the description of the class that ran July 13- 17 and repeated July 20-24, 2016 from 10 to 12:30- “This Art Camp is for all ages of kids, from 8 years to teenagers. The kids will be making artwork using a wide variety of materials and methods. They’ll be making 3-D assemblages out of wire and fabric and odds and ends. They’ll be making small animals or figures out of clay and glazing them. They’ll be drawing and painting from nature, still lifes and landscapes. Also they’ll be delving into the design motifs of Persian rugs and then designing and painting their own large paintings inspired by those motifs. Those are just the highlights – I will be adding in projects and adapting my ideas to customize the camp for the particular group of campers who attend.”

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Art Studio

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We offer indoor and outdoor space for our art classes and camps.

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